SIZE: 3' x 3' x 3' (canopy, closed); 9' x 9' x 8'-3" (canopy, open) 

SCOPE: Industrial Design, Infrastructure, Public Art 

STATUS: Completed 


What’s that? It’s MIU™!  

MIU is a solar powered, wifi enabled, shade canopy (complete with charging station, seating, and storage) that folds into a cube and fits on the back of a custom bike to serve New York City’s Governors Island as its new Information stations, starting this summer!  

The Mobile Information Unit (or “MIU™”) is a 500 watt solar array that folds from a 3’ cube into a 9’ canopy. It has a battery bank with a large enough capacity to charge anything from a cell phone, to stereo or small refrigerator, all day. Teak benches fold out to provide seating for up to 5. There is a place to display maps and event information from the main post and storage for water and supplies built into the base. An LED lantern (optional) fits into the main post to provide light into the night. 

The pedal powered prototypes are the first of their kind, with production underway on several more. For more information contact 

Photos by Chuck Choi